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our 5 must have baby items!

5 Must Have Baby Items

When I was pregnant with my sweet girl, I remember being so stressed about what I needed.  Although I was a first time mom, I did have some understanding of the fact that I wouldn’t need every single baby item on the planet.  Even still, I was overwhelmed and wanted to be prepared.  This led…

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7 easy stay at home date night ideas

7 Easy Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

Alright, if you tuned in to my last marriage post, “Why I Date My Husband,” you were probably waiting for this post.  I promised you easy and fun date night ideas for the times you can’t leave the house.  Whether it’s because you don’t have childcare or because you don’t have money, I’ve got you…

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why the laundry can't wait!

Why The Laundry Can’t Wait

As a first time mom, I swear I have heard it all.  Whether spoken with good intention, frustration, or even bitterness, the “friendly advice” given to new moms is often more than overwhelming.  I would be willing to bet that the majority of people giving that advice don’t actually mean any harm.  Even still, the…

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simple clean eating steps

6 Simple Steps To Clean Up Your Diet

I talk about clean eating a lot.  Almost all of my closest friends know that it is something I am passionate about, and most of them are willing to humor me and talk about it from time to time.  When I am talking to my friends, I am not quick to tell them they need…

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