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simple clean eating steps

6 Simple Steps To Clean Up Your Diet

I talk about clean eating a lot.  Almost all of my closest friends know that it is something I am passionate about, and most of them are willing to humor me and talk about it from time to time.  When I am talking to my friends, I am not quick to tell them they need…

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My Wedding Wasn’t The Best Day Of My Life

Isn’t it so interesting how generations and generations of humans have regarded the wedding day as “the best day ever?” I mean, in a lot of ways, yes, it is the best day of your life.  But really, it’s the best day of your life so far… I am taking a risk here, I know,…

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dear beautiful women

Dear Women, Start Respecting Yourselves

This is post is very personal to me.  I mean, I guess all my posts are, but I often try to keep it objective and share more about topics and facts and less about emotions and my heart.  This is one is straight from my heart. It is a letter to fellow women, and a…

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Should We Vaccinate Our Babies?

This is more than a can of worms.  It’s more like a raging war with arrows on fire, attached to bombs, launched from WWII canons. The great vaccine debate is one that I honestly don’t usually engage in unless someone directly asks for my opinion.  There is so much tension around the matter that I…

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